Tim N. Tompkins Presented With “Community Partner Award

Tim Tompkins is a very private individual who has always been supportive of the Rochester LGBTQ community.  When I interviewed Tim in 2008 for the Shoulders to Stand On 90 minute  documentary, I discovered Tim’s inner belief and conviction that continue to drive and sustain him to this day.  His early recollections of his family, especially his father who told Tim he could accomplish anything he wanted to, were positive, affirming,  and supportive messages that became ingrained in his very being.  His family gave him the belief in himself to be successful, and the strength of will to never stop trying.  Tim has spent his life living that reality.

Tim, not an out-front kind of guy, has been involved in every major activity and initiative  – legislative, economic, social, medical – working strategically behind the scenes to create  Rochester, NY, a gay friendly city, known for its commitment to cultivating a healthy, safe, inclusive environment for all individuals in the Rochester region.  Tim, unseen by many, has given his support to innumerable people to work hard and to strive for a better life.

Financial success, however, has not gone to Tim Tompkins head.  He has not forgotten the lessons he learned as a young man.  Tim remembers his roots and gives back to the community.

Over the 30 plus years I have known Tim, Tim has never said no to anyone in need who asks for his help.  Tim’s long time friend, Dan Meyers, states: “Tim has built his real estate and mortgage business quietly and soundly.  His entertainment businesses have been as much about adding new, big city options for socialization as they have been about making money.  Tim likes to do well doing well.”  He has shared his business and philanthropic success and knowhow with NYS State, as Economic Advisor to former Lieutenant Governor Robert Duffy, and with Rochester mayors, and Rochester’s political, economic, social and medical leaders

Early in the AIDS/HIV crisis, Tim was an advocate for services and a leader in fundraising; he has stayed with this cause loyally when many have become fatigued.  He was instrumental in the founding of AIDS Rochester, and volunteered his time and energy to Chair HPA (Helping People With Aids – Dining For Dollars).  Tim supported the efforts of Dr Bill Valenti at CHN, and Strong Memorial Hospital in treating AIDS, and doing research to find a cure.  His support , commitment and leadership in fighting AIDS continues today.

The Out Alliance is proud to recognize Tim Tompkins as the recipient of the 2018 Center for AIDS Research Community Partner Award.  A true – Giant In Our Midst!




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