Meet Paul Morland, Ensemble “Fiddler” in RBTL Fiddler on the Roof Production

Fiddler on the Roof tells the story of a father from a different time navigating his way through arranging marriages for his three beloved daughters as they risk everything to instead follow their hearts. With an uncertain political climate swirling all around them, this family finds the humor, beauty and dance in tradition and love. This Fiddler adaptation brought to audiences by Tony®-winning director Bartlett Sher and the team behind South Pacific, The King and I and 2017 Tony-winning Best Play Oslo, bring a fresh and authentic vision to this beloved theatrical masterpiece from Tony winner Joseph Stein and Pulitzer Prize winners Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick.

EC sat down with Paul Morland, an ensemble cast member, “the Fiddler”, to talk about the show that will be bringing him to Rochester December 11- 16.

EC:          I read that you are originally from Colombia?

PM:        Yes, I was born in Medellin, Colombia, was adopted and lived in a few different parts of the country. I’ve lived in New York, California and Colorado.

EC:          Has dance always been your passion?

PM:        I think it has. I started dancing very, very young and ended up taking break. But it was something I loved so eventually I went back to it and ended up dancing every single day. I dance hours upon hours just working to perfect my craft.

EC:          Do have a particular style that you like the best?

PM:        I love contemporary, which is what makes this show so much fun for me. It’s contemporary but fused with many other styles.  I did a lot of work on the concert dance scene, did freelancing throughout 2018 that all led me here. We’ve been on the road traveling with the show for about two months now after almost a month of script reading and rehearsal, every day- all day. We premiered in Philly and are now doing up to 8 shows a week.

EC:          Does it get boring or repetitive?

PM:        No, I actually love it. This is the first time I’ve been a part of this kind of production. But it’s beautiful knowing that you are comfortable, have a routine down pact but that each show is special and new with every different room you step into. The audience gives it a life and personality of its own and their energy in the room changes every performance for us. I remember being 5 or 6 years old and seeing a live production of Beauty and the Beast and just being memorized. That’s what I think of every time I step onto a stage. What kid could be in the audience that I could inspire in that same way. The magic, power and beauty of it all. The way it can transform reality into this imagined world and showcase it in the most incredible way. It can be life changing. So how could you ever get tired of that?

EC:          What is next for you Paul?

PM:        I’m only 22 years old so I’m just enjoying myself, soaking up new experiences. I’m collecting information, experiences and seeing where it takes me. I want to create, to travel and eventually work to build my own pieces. Being able to sing, dance and act is such a beautiful way to experience life!

EC:          Do you have any advice for that inspiring little dancer in your audience that may want to make dance or theater his or her career?

PM:        Through the entire process set goals for yourself but make sure you take the time to love yourself all along the way. And never forget not to get discouraged, there are literally a million ways to showcase your art and your passion. You just have to find yours!


Well Paul, we are certainly glad you found the way to showcase your art and passion right on the RBTL stage.   Fiddler will be running at the Rochester Broadway Theater League beginning Tuesday, December 11 – 16th. For more information and tickets to FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, please visit


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